• Marque: Tokyo Marui
  • Modèle: TM-MK23SET01
  • Disponibilité: En stock

  • 349,99$

The popular MK23 special forces pistol is re-born by Tokyo Marui in this fixed slide version with a full LAM unit and metal detachable SOCOM silencer included. The pistol comes in a tidy plastic carrying case with a carrying handle that makes it look like a dedicated duty case. Fixed slide action means that there is no cycling of the slide, and the hammer cocks and releases as you pull the trigger for each shot. That means the gun will fire as fast as you can pull what is essentially a double-action trigger.

The Tokyo Marui MK23 has a full metal removable metal magazine that houses the gas tank, which you can recharge from the valve inlet on the magazine base plate. The LAM unit houses an LED light that provides decent illumination at night (but not powerful enough for tactical use), and a red LED that lights up to simulate a laser. The detachable suppressor is a Foam-filled SOCOM silencer so it REALLY silences.

Without a doubt, there are more realistic MK23 pistols available that cycle and have a metal slide. But that's missing the point here. The Tokyo Marui MK23 is one of the best selling airsoft pistols in the world because is very quiet and very accurate, making it a precision weapon that can match the performance of much larger and longer rifles. If tactical effectiveness is what you need for your gaming experience, and don't mind that this gun doesn't offer a realistic blowback experience, then there is simply no better choice than the Tokyo Marui MK23 fixed slide pistol.


Magazine Compatibility:

  • Tokyo Marui MK23 Compact Magazines



  • x1 Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM Fixed Slide Full Set Gas Pistol
  • x1 Magazine
  • x1 User Manual

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